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Black Pepper – 3152

Cracked black pepper is ideal for sprinkling on salads, pastas, and cooked vegetables. Try rubbing into steaks or chops before Grilling. Excellent in stews and savory sauces as well.  [2.89 per ounce — Butcher Cut]

Black Pepper – 3156

Fine black pepper is commonly used to season everything from vegetables to meats and seafood, eggs, soups and sauces. You’ll find black pepper used in nearly every recipe world-wide.   [3.89 per ounce — Fine]

Green Peppercorn – 3701

Green peppercorns are harvested before they mature, yielding a green pepper with a fresh, earthy flavor. Well-suited for poultry, vegetables and seafood. Great for your grinder!  [3.29 per ounce — Whole]

Pink Peppercorn 3157

“Fruity, mild and aromatic, these “peppercorns” are actually berries from the Brazilian pepper tree. They have a deliciously sweet flavor, similar to a
juniper berry with mild heat. Great when sprinkled on top of cheese & crackers or salads, and in dressings, sauces and marinades, and on seafood.”  [3.89 per ounce — Whole]

Smoked Black Pepper – 3158

Another best-seller in our store, use this pepper in place of your traditional version for a great smokey flavor.   [2.89 per ounce]

Tellicherry Peppercorn – 3153

Tellicherry peppercorns come from the Eastern Coast of South India. The flavor of Tellicherry is clean & aromatic, considered a superb black peppercorn  [2.89 per ounce — Whole]

White Peppercorn – 3161

Black peppercorn that has been allowed to fully ripen before having the black husk removed. Sharp and pungent with sweet after notes, white pepper is popular in Asian cooking, It has a stronger bite than black and goes with most meat, poultry and seafood. Also known to help in preventing intestinal gas.   [2.89 per ounce — Whole]

Four Peppercorn Blend – 3598

Wonderful addition to vegetables, corn on the cob, salads, and seafood. Use on the table right from the grinder!  [3.29 per ounce — Whole]

Hot Peppers

Ancho – 3060

Ancho powder is actually pablano pepper; it is dark and smokey with a deep rich flavor and mild heat. This pepper is most commonly used in Mexican cooking and a staple in tamales. [2.89 per ounce — Powder]

Cayenne – 3079

Cayenne pepper is also known as the Guinea spice, and used primarily where medium heat is desired. Scoville units are 30,000 to 50,000. [2.89 per ounce — Powder]

Chipotle – 3089

Chipotle pepper is a smoked-dried jalepeno and is used primarily in Mexican inspired cuisine. Scoville units range from 20,000 to 30,000. This pepper is fantastic when used in salsa, on meats, and for adding a smokey heat to any dish. [2.89 per ounce — Powder]

Ghost Pepper – 4068

If you’re looking for spicy-hot you found it! Use this ghost-pepper for anything – meat, poulty, pork, seafood, vegetables & salads. You’re gonna sweat! [4.29 per ounce — Powder]

Habanero – 3118

Once considered to be the hottest pepper, the Habanero is still near the top of list. The intense citrus flavor and strong floral notes make it ideal for hot sauces and salsas. As with all hot peppers handle with caution! [3.89 per ounce — Powder]

LaMesa Dark Chili – 3087

Deep, rich flavor and a smokey note make this pepper powder perfect for red meat, poultry, pork and the greatest chili ever. Mild heat makes this a very versitile chili powder offering great flavor. [3.89 per ounce — Powder]

Red Chile Flakes – 3166

“Crushed red chili peppers are very popular in Italian, Mexican, Indian and Southwestern cooking. You will find them on the table tops of many restaurants around the world. They are great sprinkled on pizza, pasta dishes, tacos, eggs, chili, and any other dish you want to add a little heat.” [2.89 per ounce]

Smoked Chili – 3086

The name speaks for itself – this chili powder has a wonderful smokey flavor that adds just the right heat and imparts a subtle smoked hue. This is just about the best chili powder we’ve found for award-winning chili. [3.89 per ounce — Powder]